Welcome to Online Flea Market!

Online Flea Market is a resource for purchasing Vintage, Collectables, and other items via the Internet.  The items listed here are pending being listed at Ebay.  Prior to the actual listing on Ebay, offers will be accepted.  Once the item is listed on Ebay, you will need to make the purchase on the Ebay site.  If the item does not sell at the Ebay auction, it will once again be available for offers.  Items sold via OnlineFleaMarket.org will use PayPal secure checkout.  If your offer is accepted you will receive an invoice at the email address you provide and will be able to complete the purchase on PayPal's secure page.   Upon confirmation of payment through PayPal the item will be shipped to the address buyer provides during the PayPal checkout.  All items are final, no returns.  If you have any questions please use the contact link to ask before making a purchase.
Note:  Click an Image to see if it is currently listed on Ebay or available for Offers.